Susan Kelly


Susan Kelly is the author of Endgame and the forthcoming King of the Ruins.

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King of the Ruins Susan Kelly

He’s hungry for fame. He’s got the voice. But that bitch Fate has a different plan. Emryss Byrne figures he has a date with destiny. He just needs money, and he’s on his way. But the rapture virus pandemic traps him in a hospital in Butte, Montana, with a dying President, a junkie nurse, and a team of trigger-happy Secret Service agents. As the body count inside and outside the hospital soars, a dead man lays an obligation on Emryss. The path to greatness has never been clearer. Trouble is, it will take him where he never wanted to go. A novella set in the world of the Endgame, King of the Ruins is a gripping, dramatic story of moral imperatives and free will in dark times.