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Mike Gomes Starter Library Mike Gomes

From acclaimed author Mike Gomes comes his free starter library. The break out hit series for young adults, The Young Adventures Club has captivated readers and raced up the best selling charts on Amazon. The Adult series The Falau Files starts with The Fixer. Both books are here free so you can start your journey into the creative mind of Mike Gomes and the world of espionage and intrigue. Enjoy the ride and come back for more!


The Young Adventurers' Club Mike Gomes

There is extraordinary power that lies within us all. We just need someone to let it out. Sawyer and Lainie Dray are average every day kids with the same problems any other twelve and ten year old have. But that all changed one day when a mysterious stranger arrived in their home with an offer that was too good to pass up. What follows is a wild ride that goes into the secret world of spies and intrigue. Few have ever learned that there is an organization that goes beyond just one country and defends the world as a whole. This organization is The Young Adventurers’ Club! On the other side of the law is Destructo, an evil organization that is hard at work causing chaos across the world. The only thing that has ever stood in their way is the Young Adventurers’ Club. But this time Destruct


The Fixer Mike Gomes

A down on his luck man. An international drug runner. One last chance to be the good guy. Michael Falau is a man of many talents unfortunately none of them translate to the normal world. Day to day life is nearly impossible with the horrors of his past and the guilt of the things he has done. All of that is about to change with an offer from an old friend Tyler who asks him to get back into the game of underworld justice. An international drug runner out of Bogotá, Colombia has been mixing the deadly carfentanyl into his drug shipment killing hundreds of people up and down the east cost of the United States. Michael Falau will get one chance to bring “The Butcher” back to face justice or he will die trying.