Noel Eastwood

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Astrology, Tarot, Spirit: Musings of a Wyrd Psychologist - Vol 1 Noel Eastwood

From psychologist, astrologer, Noel Eastwood, an edited and expanded volume from his much loved weekly Pluto's Cave newsletters. This book covers topics such as doing a blind reading on a boat cruise; the mystics path; crossing dimensions; spirituality and love in the astrology chart; psychotherapy and biofeedback / neurofeedback; bringing back the dead; meeting the asteroid Goddess Ceres in trance and dreams; black blogs on the astral plain; scrying the Hierophant tarot card; how he uses astrology to examine a possible epilepsy case, ADHD and using astrology in family therapy. The book ends with a description of Carl Jung's archetypes as a path to enlightenment: Warrior, Lover, Magician and Hero. Noel draws upon the archetypes from astrology and tarot that can help aid you on your path.


Astrology of Health: Physical and Psychological Health in the Natal and Progressed Chart Noel Eastwood

Have you struggled to find accurate information on how to read health issues in your own or your client's charts? If the answer is YES! then this book will enlighten and inspire you. Based on the author's successful Health Astrology course, this book is a highly insightful, practical and accessible work. Discover how elemental dominance manifests in your psyche and your body; how Planets, Signs and Houses correspond to potential problem areas and how your mental and physical health can be affected by transits, directions and progressions. Examines chart after chart highlighting the physical and psychological health conflicts between Planets, Signs and Houses. Using a lively teacher - student conversational format learn to see health problems in a chart before it manifests.


Psychological Astrology of Psychopaths: Mass Murderers Noel Eastwood

Have you always wondered what astrological significators link psychopaths and mass murderers? Psychologist astrologer Noel Eastwood takes you into the dark, inner world of the mass murderer to discover what makes them different to the rest of humanity. The four psychopaths responsible for the horrendous mass murders at Columbine High School massacre (Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold), Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting (Adam Lanza) and the Port Arthur massacre (Martin Bryant) are examined in detail. Interestingly their charts highlight specific astrological constellations pointing to certain personality traits that suggest psychopathy. The author illustrates how to locate these psychopathic significators and the astrological triggers that led to their terrible acts of violence.


Self Hypnosis Tame Your Inner Dragons: clinical and psychic use of trance Noel Eastwood

Have you always wanted to go within your subconscious to explore your potential, create a better future and resolve internal conflicts? If the answer is YES! then this book will walk you through how to do it. Psychologist Noel Eastwood takes you on an inner journey of self discovery and healing. He draws upon 35 years of personal experience and numerous case studies from his clinical practice to demonstrate how ordinary people overcame limiting beliefs and traumatic experiences using self hypnosis. The author illustrates how to use exercises from NLP, Inner Child, Gestalt therapy, Process Therapy, Jungian psychotherapy and techniques developed in his own practice. The author uses real case studies from his clinical practice to demonstrate and illustrates how to use each exercise.



The Fool's Journey through the Tarot Major Arcana Noel Eastwood

Ever wanted to know what the relationship is between the Fool and the rest of the Major Arcana? This is the Fool's journey through the Major Arcana cards explaining in a beautiful story format how to read your tarot cards as part of your own spiritual journey. Once you master this in your own readings you can go on to help others. The Fool faces many challenges as lessons in life which in turn highlight your own purpose and path. A booklet for anyone interested in understanding the tarot through narration. I hope to publish my tarot meditation and manual by the end of 2017. Please feel free to contact me or join my newsletter for updates.


Psychological Astrology and the Twelve Houses Noel Eastwood

Have you always struggled to understand the complexity of the Houses in your own and your client's astrology charts? Yes? Then this book will delight you! Whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned professional: Noel Eastwood is a psychologist astrologer who approaches astrology as an altered state of consciousness. He walks you through the houses of the natal chart like a good travel guide who knows that sightseeing is not enough to make a journey memorable, you need to experience the place for yourself: meet the locals in small caf├ęs, discover hidden fountains and secret gardens. This is a practice-oriented work, Noel takes every opportunity to demonstrate how astrological symbolism translates into human personality.


Psychology of Reading and the Brain: the evolution of language Noel Eastwood

Have you always wanted to know where language came from? If YES! then this is an ideal book for parents and educators on the origins of the English language and the brain's role in processing language both written and spoken. Punching above it's weight this concise book shows: - history of Britain's many settlements from 800,000 years ago - how English evolved from the earlier celtic, anglo-saxon, old Norse, old French to it's modern adaptions - how story telling triggers the brain to remember - history of the written word - the neurological and psychological pathways in speech and writing - how the drain reads and understands - how to help your child who is struggling to read - dyslexia, learning difficulties and developmental delay - importance of brain maturation in childhood learning