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Betrayal in the Robot Dawn curtis crowe

The second book in the Robot Dawn series takes place sixteen years after the events in book one. Lucy and Leo have returned to their home in Ft. Smith and play large roles in helping this remaining outpost of humanity to recover from the planet-wide destruction caused by the robots. On the sixteenth anniversary of the turning off of every robot on earth, the town gathers to commemorate End of Robots Day. It's also Inauguration Day as a new Governor is sworn into office. Things seem to be progressing well for the citizens of Ft. Smith, but danger lurks on two fronts- and both revolve around robots. The Robot mythology continues to be explained including what happened to cause them to almost destroy all humanity, while the ending is a pulse-pounding page turner! Don't miss it.


Love in the Robot Dawn Preview curtis crowe

Love in the Robot Dawn is 100% suitable for all ages. Yes, it's a love story, but also an adventure story. Humanity is amazed when a space ship crewed only by robots lands on earth. At first, the robots and humans coexist peaceably, but then the robots decide that there are far too many humans. Soon, only small numbers of people are left to offer the robots the unpredictable stimulation that only humans can provide. Lucy and Leo have been loners their whole lives, but now they are survivors - and both are owned by robots. The only thing they have in common is their hatred of their robot masters, so they work together to escape and flee to the one place on earth robots can't go. Along the way, they meet an amazing cast of characters and experience exciting adventures along with heart breaki



The Alien Revelation Saga Book Two: The Connection curtis crowe

A new type of science fiction, so realistic it could actually be happening – real science, real characters, real humanity, real drama. The Alien Revelation Saga continues in Book Two: The Connection. Planned as a five book, continuous story arc, Book Two finds Roger Seaton and his best friend, Jane Mitchell, on a seemingly normal business trip – but this is a trip that will change their lives forever. Roger and Jane are the only two who know that Roger is receiving a revelation from an unknown and probably alien entity. Not only does this entity promise to reveal why humans are on Earth, he also promises to disclose the purpose behind it all. The Revelation is disclosed one piece at a time, always building upon the pieces that came before.


The Alien Revelation Saga Book One: The Appearing curtis crowe

Perfectly suited for all ages! A G rated SciFi Saga! Roger Seaton is a typical millennial. He’s quite social and has a circle of good friends. Girls like him. He works at a mega-corporation but isn’t ambitious, preferring to spend his days surfing the web. He’s a bit lazy, a bit selfish and more than a bit shocked to have a voice start talking to him in his head. That voice wants to provide a Revelation that will challenge mankind to its core, and explain its purpose. The story interweaves the unfolding Revelation with how it affects at first Roger, and then his growing circle of friends and followers. Their lives are turned upside down as Roger and his best friend, Jane Mitchell, struggle to come to grips with what they are learning - and with the changes that are happening to them.