M C Rowley

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Case Files: The Son of No One Trilogy M C Rowley

Case Files is a novella that sheds light on the secrets in the Son of No One Trilogy by M C Rowley. A son kidnapped at birth by the cartel, returns a killer 22 years later. These short extracts and stories tell the truth about what happened to him, and why.


An Abduction M C Rowley

Scott Dyce´s son has been missing for 22 years and when he is told by a mysterious employer that his lost offspring is still alive, he thinks the nightmare is over. But the employer demands Dyce work for him in order to reunite his family. Soon, Dyce is thrown into a dangerous world of espionage, crime and ultimately another abduction that he must carry out, that of a powerful and popular State Governor. And where has the son been all these lost years? And what has he become? Perhaps by doing the very thing Dyce had dreamed of will actually destroy everything he has. An Abduction is the first part in the Son of No One Trilogy. If you love fast-paced thrillers like Harlan Coben´s or corporate crime stories like Joseph Finder, you´ll love M C Rowley´s work.