Kate L. Mary

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Moonchild Kate L. Mary

From two-time award-winning author comes a novel that "truly draws you in and grabs your attention.” Scarlett Moon lives in a world fueled by greed and corruption, where airships rule the skies and coal mines have been turned into prisons. When her best friend, Rory, is captured and returned to the mines, Scarlett’s life begins to crumble. Even after she’s rescued by a band of coal-smuggling pirates, led by the dashing Asher Kimura, she finds it hard to let go of the invisible walls she’s built around her heart. When she discovers that there might be a way to save Rory, Scarlett must put her friend’s life before her own, even if it means leaving herself vulnerable to Asher’s charm and affection.


Broken World Kate L. Mary

Readers overwhelmingly agree that Broken World is “A must read for any apocalyptic zombie lovers out there,” and that Kate L. Mary "nails the zombie apocalypse as few others have.” When a deadly virus sweeps the country, Vivian sets out to the see the daughter she gave up for adoption, but her trip takes an unexpected turn when she’s forced to accept a ride from two strangers: brothers Axl and Angus. Join Vivian, Axl, and Angus on a journey that spans the country and seven books as they search for safety in a world overtaken by the dead. The Broken World series is a story of horror, prejudice, and love that “weaves a heart wrenching take on survival.”