Sonia Nova

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Snowed in with the Alien Dragon - Preview Sonia Nova

A Christmas without warmth… A dragon paralyzed by cold… Rachel hates her life in Alaska. She hates the weather, but even more, she hates her job which requires her to stay in the sodden state even for the holidays! Instead of going to visit her family in sunny California, she will be spending the holidays alone in the cold north. But when she encounters an unconscious, golden alien on the way home from work – amidst a massive snowstorm to top it all off – it looks like the holidays might not end up as boring as she’d thought after all!


Alien Valentine - Preview Sonia Nova

A pink alien prince + A human mail-order bride = A perfect Valentine’s Day romance! The last thing she wanted was to become some alien’s mail-order bride… Feeling lonely on Valentine’s Day, Maya tries her luck at a matchmaking agency - only to discover that her groom is an alien from another galaxy! The contract she signed requires her to spend at least a year with him - as if! Once she arrives on the strange planet of Xelris, she immediately plans to make a run for it. There is just one problem: her own traitorous heart. But she could hardly become the queen of an alien planet, could she…?


Ariana Sonia Nova

He broke her heart years ago and now he’s back… Assigned to any nurse’s nightmare shift, Ariana can’t wait to head to the most glamorous party of the year after work. Except nothing ever goes as planned. She runs into Dasir – her best friend’s older brother – the handsome alien soldier who broke her heart four years ago, and whom she still hasn’t quite forgotten… He had sworn to never return to Solaris… Sent back to the Solar System on a mission, Dasir’s unit barely survives an attack and he ends up on Solaris – the one station he’d sworn to never return to. He immediately bumps to the very woman he left the station for – Ariana. Even years after he last saw her, she still manages to make his blood boil and set his mating urges on fire. And he isn’t sure he can resist her this time…