Crystal Rister


Crystal Rister resides in rural Kentucky with her husband and children, where she can sit out back and dream of countless fantasies that stream straight from the beautiful woods just steps away.
She is first and foremost a mother of eight children. Though, you could say she also has "extras" since she's a childcare provider as well. She loves crafting, sipping coffee and irritating her husband to the brink of him walking off, shaking his head, laughing at her stunts to drive him crazy (he silently enjoys it in his own private thoughts).
Crystal believes that reading is the answer, no matter what the question is... just read. She relishes in worlds of fantasy, romance, and the enticing allure of hot scenes involving a bit of muscle, sweat, fangs, growls and the occasional bite.
She knows that her dream of writing will forever be a learning process, and believes she's growing with every fan she gains.

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Burning At Last (The Burn Series: Book 1) Crystal Rister

Thirteen years ago, Sara Thomas witnessed her parents die in the same fire that took her childhood home. On the same night, she loses her best friend, when he risks his own life to save hers. Now, upon returning home after many years staying hidden, she finds that those that were supposed to be dead are not, why her parents were killed, she is the fated mate to a dark sexy wolf, of which she never knew existed, and that she is in danger of the same evil that took her loved ones from her. What's worse? Her wolf has the Burn consuming him, and until he claims his mate, he's an inferno warring with the need to make her his forever, and to keep her safe. Will the heat of the Burn consume them? Or will the enemy get there first? (Contains violent and sexual content)