Samantha Leal

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What the Outlaw Likes Samantha Leal

This is an MC Romance Short Story with Adult Content Shy girl Madison has recently moved to the city and is leasing an apartment with her wild room mate Star - a girl who certainly knows how to have a good time! After another terrible date Madison agrees to accompany Star to one of the city's hottest biker bars where the men are muscly, tattooed, lawless and HOT! Star tells Madison that she has found the perfect guy for her in the form of wild biker Kade, a powerful man who knows what he wants, and exactly how to take it. Now Madison has fallen hard and finds herself unable to tear herself away... She has always been the good girl, but Kade is awakening something in her that she never knew she wanted, or needed... but will their secret desires bind them together in more ways than one?


Into the Highlander's World Samantha Leal

This is a Scottish Romance with Adult content Gwen has hit bottom. She is beyond “down on her luck” after splitting from her boyfriend (who, of course was a cheating bastard) and thinks things can't possibly get any worse when, broke and bereft, she is forced to move into a crumbling basement apartment where she comes across something that will change her life forever. There, beneath the floorboards she finds what at first just looks like some junk left behind by the last sloppy tenants. It is a sword that by some miraculous means far beyond her comprehension, she is transported back to ancient Scotland, where she meets the handsome Andrew Urquhart, and is about to embark on the adventure - and torrid romance - of her life. Read on and learn just what ancient Scotland has to offer...


What the Outlaw Wants Samantha Leal

MC Romance Short Story with Adult content Courtney was in trouble again…only this time she might have gotten in too deep... She is running from a scary man into an uncertain future. She needs a clean break from all the pain…and from the danger…before it's too late. But sure enough, she always has a way of finding the bad boys and even in her new life she quickly falls in with the local club…only this time she hopes she has found the diamond in the rough who is just bad enough to protect her, but good enough to love her-but is she right? Brogan is dark, handsome and intense – his very presence made her feel her heart…everywhere. Can he protect her? Can she even trust him? And what will happen if she really is pregnant…it could be the greatest moment of her life…or her biggest mistake.


TANNER Samantha Leal

Out on a day’s adventure, Jo and Kirsten have no idea just how much excitement they are about to get when they stumble across a small desert town full of unruly outlaws. The Forsaken Riders are like nothing Jo has ever seen. Red hot, beastly bikers with a hard edge that is screaming to be softened by the right woman. And Tanner is the one that wants her. She catches his eye in an instant and he is determined to make her his. With a broken down car and a stay in Slate Springs lengthening into something more, who knows what might happen… One thing is for certain, great things are about to happen out in the desert, and a love like no other is about to shape the future of one of the baddest bike gangs in America. Welcome to Slate Springs, and welcome to The Forsaken Riders.


The Billionaire Shifter's Surprise Samantha Leal

This is a Paranormal Short Story Romance with Adult content... Curvy Cally is recovering from a broken heart when she meets gorgeous businessman Hugo. But is he just what she needs, or exactly what she needs to avoid! When Hugo disappears after their wild night of passion, somehow he still never feels too far away. And when months later Cally finds herself beginning a new job for a reclusive billionaire in the middle of the city, she is more than shocked when it is Hugo who answers the door and welcomes her into his home and luxurious private world. What happens next we are sure you can imagine...but you will have to read on to find out for sure...