Zoë Mullins

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Chapter One - Invitation to Play Zoë Mullins

Chapter One Only - Novella Releases on June 2nd Married and kinky, Deacon and Sherri didn’t extend an invitation to play with them to just anyone. Since their long-time third moved away last year, there’d been no one else — until they met Kai. There is something about the ex-air force Captain turned tattoo artist that intrigues them. Kai didn’t care if people thought he was gay but having his father, the Colonel, shame him publicly for it was more than Kai could take. He walked away from his career and moved to the other side of the country to start what he called an honest life. And Kai honestly doesn’t see how he is going to fit in to the Dominant/submissive relationship that Deacon and Sherri have. They didn’t need a bisexual Dom with a chip on his shoulder… or did they?



Winning Cait Zoë Mullins

After more than a decade, Cait has returned home to St. Augustin and the Dom she left behind. A pampered sub, now widowed, Cait has adjusted to making decisions for herself for the first time in years. With some help from her friends, she's begun a new life. Then Jackson walks into her studio it's as if their years apart never happened - as if she hadn't left him for his best friend. He never stopped loving her and he's not going to give up this time. He's determined to win her back, not only as his sub but as his wife. (Reader Advisory: Grab a glass of wine, and put the kids to bed. This story has one hot Dom and a sub willing to make up for lost time. Graphic sexual language and scenes are to be expected.)