Niya James

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Royally Remembered Niya James

Can his love really be unconditional when he finds out how complicated my life is? She’s been though a lot since high school I can tell She wants to be someone else, but I want her to know she is enough I know she's being hurt by him and continues to be hurt by him I won’t let it happen anymore I don’t care what anyone else thinks She is the one I want But will she choose me?



Thief's Obsession Niya James

Young and successful, Emily Williams has built her business from the ground up. Her proudest achievement is on display for the world to see and now her industry is starting to take notice. There is only one problem. Maitre, the boldest thief in the art world is not taking kindly to Emily claim of an unbreakable system. He’s built his career on stealing priceless heirlooms and some trendy technology isn’t going to stop him now. They are both at the pinnacle of their career and determined to prove the other wrong. Will Emily be able to catch a thief and propel her security firm to number one or will Maitre claim victory over more than just the latest piece of art.