Cheryl Phipps

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Jack and Gill Cheryl Phipps

I'm Jack Larson - I’m an idiot. I love Gill. Who wouldn’t? She’s cute, kind, funny and has been my side-kick since school. She’s suffered with me through my failed marriage, and become a second mom to my six-year-old daughter, so I like to make sure she’s doing okay. Only, life’s just started to get crazy. I’m pretty darn good at getting my point across in business, but how am I supposed to deal with Gill throwing herself away on the creepy bank manager? I’m worried that I’ll lose her friendship if I tell her what I know, and worried that she’ll get hurt if I don’t. Then there’s this other worry. What if I’m just jealous? And what the heck does that mean?


The Millionaire Next Door Cheryl Phipps

Love can be found in places you never imagined After a disastrous marriage, Sacha Prentiss has given up on love. Being a great interior designer is all she needs. That resolve is seriously tested, when sexy Lucas Marshall moves in next door. Soon everything she thought was important pales in comparison, as he shows her an alternative life. One she’d never imagined. Lucas fell for his beautiful neighbour after one look. Smart and drop dead gorgeous, Sacha’s built a wall around herself that he’s determined to climb. Although, what starts out as a challenge, turns into something he hadn’t anticipated. Could it be that he wants her heart and not just her body?