Sophie Kisker

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Memories of Surrender: Book 1 Midrosian Chronicles Sophie Kisker

How can you dream of freedom when you can’t remember ever being free? Lydia has longed to know more about the universe all her life, but as a slave, it's forbidden. Despite that, she studies in secret, until she's almost caught and receives a harsh public penalty. James is a visitor to her planet. Renting a slave is not on his list of things to do, but when he meets the feisty, smart woman who carries a secret, he cannot let her go back to a bleak existence. And when they stumble on a deception that has the power to change the history of their galaxy, will they find that they have risked more than her freedom to reveal the truth? Memories of Surrender is Book 1 of a trilogy, with elements of consensual BDSM and nonconsensual power exchange.