Holley Trent


Holley Trent is an award-winning, best-selling author of contemporary and paranormal romance. Her books mix humor and heat and spin current events with mythologies from cultures of all sorts.

She's a Southern girl at heart, but currently lives on the Colorado Front Range with her husband, two kids, and two cats.

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Angel Holley Trent

Grant Banks’ last one-night-stand ended in conception, and now he’s an alpha werewolf with a pack to lead, a ranch to run, and a son to raise on his own. He’s got his hands full, for sure, but he’d rather stick it out alone than to take a mate who’s only interested in him for his status. However, when a holiday visitor from the Norseton pack takes a shine to his son, Pete, Grant decides there might be a woman who’s just right for him after all. Angel’s got the right stuff to be an alpha’s mate. She’s patient and kind, and knows how to take initiative. Unfortunately, she’s an omega wolf—the weakest in her pack. She could be a doting mother to Pete and a natural companion for Grant, but she could also be a serious liability.


Prince in Leather excerpt Holley Trent

An inherited curse has kept depressed innkeeper Simone Bristol bound to a rundown beach motel for the past six years. Just when she has a chance to break free of it, some visiting guests check in and reset the curse’s clock. Heath Horan, Sídhe prince, claims she’s his fated mate and her ticket out of there. Unfortunately, he also claims that her mother was a runaway from the fairy realm and that Queen Rhiannon—his mother—would love to see both women dead. Simone has walked from one curse into another. She may be able to get used to being the main squeeze of a sword-wielding prince in leather, but she’s not so sure she’s cut out to be an assassin, too. Unfortunately, if she wants to stay alive long enough to break her curse and help Heath subdue unrest in his realm, she might have to be.



Surrendering Saul (Fated & Forbidden) Holley Trent

If Saul Ade doesn’t accept the mate she has chosen for him by the rise of the next blood moon, the Sídhe will become human. Unfortunately, the woman he must make his love is a mermaid who once tried to drown his sister’s human best friend. If he’d wanted a mate at all, reckless Laurel O’Cuilinn wouldn’t be it. Laurel’s devastated to learn that Saul would rather cede Allendra’s challenge than to be with her, but she’s too practical to sulk. Four weeks isn’t much time to make Saul cast aside his grudges, and she’ll do what she must to help the Sídhe retain their magic—even if it means turning on some of the mermaid charm her fated mate finds so repugnant.