Laurie A. Green

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StarDog Laurie A. Green

Navigator Taro Shall has an urgent mission – find a way to eradicate snakes infesting his starship. He never expects to find the answer to his problem in a charming street vendor named Adini. His life suddenly becomes more complicated when he acquires an adorable StarDog that soon sweeps him and Adini into the maw of a brewing insurrection. This story was originally part of the PETS IN SPACE collection that was named by as one of the "Best Books of 2016 in E-Original Fiction." It is set in the Inherited Stars Universe and is a companion story/prequel to both the novel INHERIT THE STARS and to novella COURTING DISASTER: STARDOG2 (included in EMBRACE THE ROMANCE: PETS IN SPACE 2 collection with a release date of October 10, 2017).