Maggie Dallen

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The Reluctant Spy Maggie Dallen

In the high stakes world of espionage, falling for one's partner might just be the biggest danger of all. Daniel Ashford has been set up. The house party his commanding officer invited him to is really an audition, the beautiful woman he finds weeping in the garden turns out to be a pawn, and their romantic interlude ends up being nothing but one big test. And all so he can be recruited as a spy alongside the maddening woman who'd duped him. Madeline has been acting as a spy for her adopted father for years. She's used to the games and the lies. What she's not used to is being paired up with a handsome gentleman who is genuine and loyal — and whose touch sets her on fire. Though their lives hang in the balance with this undercover charade, losing their hearts is the far greater risk.


Sweet Tricks (A Love Bites Novella) Maggie Dallen

In this sweet romance, Tabitha is swearing off bad boys once and for all. But that's easier said than done when she finds herself sharing an apartment with Jack, the bad boy to end all bad boys. Jack has an annoying tendency to come to her rescue, make her laugh, and give her kisses that leave her begging for more. As if their instant attraction doesn't make staying away hard enough, why does her new bad boy have to be so nice? Jack didn't set out to trick his new roommate, but one little lie turns into a dozen and before he knows it Jack's pretending to be someone he isn't. But with Halloween just around the corner, it's time for the masks to come off and secret identities to be revealed. Only then will he find out if Tabitha is willing to give this bad boy a fighting chance.


Heiress at Sea (Barely a Fairy Tale Novella) Maggie Dallen

When Kate Ashton jumps off the singles' cruise from hell, she doesn't intend to drown. She just wants to escape. See the world. Maybe have an adventure or two. Now she's stranded on a Greek isle with the hot bartender who saved her life, and he's just the taste of danger she needs . This could be her one chance to experience the world she's never known and a love like nothing she's ever felt before. But this bartender has secrets, and losing her heart to him could cost her everything. From the contemporary romantic comedy series, Barely a Fairy Tale, comes a modern day take on The Little Mermaid, where an heiress finds her place in the world, but not without risking her heart.