Ava Danielle

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Zero F*cks Given Ava Danielle

Take a girl that works at a radio station and does whatever she wants and you've got me. Take a girl that dresses any way she wants and doesn't look for approval, you've got me I'm just a twenty something trying to figure out life. It was easy. Until I found two great guys on Tinder. One totally my Type. One totally NOT my Type. Between the two it's really hard to choose. They couldn't be any more different from each other.


Forever Mine (The Polaroid Series) Book 1 Ava Danielle

Amelia attends her high school reunion Only to run into her one and only true love Jared Old feelings return and things start to take course. But she's engaged. In fact, she left Nathan behind to attend her reunion But something tragic happens And she has to re-evaluate her life. And Nichole might be the reason it all falls apart.