Justin Bell

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Born in Blood Justin Bell

Before he became the "man" we all know in the Operation: Harvest trilogy, William Strickland was a contracted Black Ops operative, working with a team of highly trained individuals on off the books missions across the world. When his team gets called to a remote mountain range in Romania, it seems like a quick and dirty "easy money" situation... but things go completely sideways. Don't miss this action-packed thriller that sets up the events in The Fog of Dreams, and the entire Operation: Harvest trilogy!


Iridium Attacks Justin Bell

Long before Brie Northstar began her adventures in Daughter of Athelon, her father was an ace pilot for a top secret fighter wing called Iridium Squadron. Wed to his new wife Jary, Redax Northstar is called away on a deep space mission against a sinister Reblox long range weapons satellite and he needs the help of a Bragdon stealth squad to get the job done. However, the world of Redax and Jary is about to change forever with the birth of their daughter, a young girl who may shape the stars in this quadrant for all time.


The Fog of Dreams Justin Bell

An ex-military contractor tries to leave the world behind, but it’s not as simple as he thinks...especially once the blood lust strikes. All William Strickland knew was killing. After a long military career, he thought he’d escaped his past sins, but global conglomerate GenTech has other ideas. After sinister experiments drag him back into a world of violence and intrigue his family ends up caught in the crossfire. As the monster within savagely starts to take hold, Strickland goes toe to toe with the United States government, desperate to free himself and save the ones he loves. After these secret genetic experiments give Strickland incredible but frightening new abilities, he takes the fight to GenTech, with not just his family’s life in the balance, but the future of the entire world!