Brian Rella

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The Bathroom Incident at Dunmaster Academy Brian Rella

It wasn’t the first time Toby was unfairly punished for a minor infraction at the Dunmaster Academy orphanage, but it would be the last. He finds his way out sooner then he expects when the tentacles of justice coil their way around Ms. Dunmaster and the Dunmaster Academy.


Rising: The Second Death Prequel Brian Rella

A teenage girl trapped in an abusive home. A demon freed from a mystical book. She will have her revenge, and unleash evil the world has not seen in centuries… Jessie is pushed over the edge by her own grief and a mother who cares more about sex and booze than her own flesh and blood. With the help of a powerful demon, she takes revenge and begins a spellbinding journey to unleash an evil as old as time. Rising: The Second Death Prequel is the prelude to Brian Rella’s action-packed horror and dark fantasy series, The Second Death.