Kara Jaynes

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Unbound Enchantment Kara Jaynes

Adaryn wields magic and lives as a nomad, wild and free. Her life is turned upside down when she's captured by an Oppressor. As a slave, Adaryn is expected to serve her new master and abstain from using magic. But following rules has never been one of Adaryn's strengths. Aaric is an inventor and scholar. He spends his time reading books and tinkering with his inventions. Against his better judgement, he’s taken on a slave, conforming to the pressure of his society. But instinctively, he knows slavery is wrong. Together, Adaryn and Aaric become unlikely allies as they navigate the dark, cruel world of the Oppressors. Will Aaric find the moral strength to follow his heart or will he succumb to the dictates of his society? Will Adaryn ever be free again?


Forgotten Crown Kara Jaynes

Glacia is a forgotten princess, kept hidden away from her people. She didn't mean to fall in love with the mysterious boy who found her, it just happened. But Silvan wields magic, which is forbidden in Glacia's society, so she must keep him a secret. Silvan is an Elite, a shifter who's grown up in a warrior society. He’s been taught all his life to protect the weak and innocent. So when he meets Glacia, his instinct is to keep her safe. But his feelings for her grow, and as an Elite, Silvan is forbidden to love. Demons may war, magic may rage, but Glacia and Silvan will risk everything to be together. Will it be enough?