Saruuh Kelsey

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The Love of Death (Legend Mirror Series Urban Fantasy Novella) Saruuh Kelsey

Johanna’s memories have been hidden, but when she meets the incarnation of death, she knows he’s familiar. Nate is from her past life, something she begins to remember in shadows and whispered words. Something terrible happened to her, to both of them, and the more she remembers, the worse the memories get. But there are secrets buried in her mind. Secrets linked to Venus and their children. And Johanna’s memory might be the key to saving her siblings. This book is New Adult and may not be suitable for younger readers. Contains minor spoilers for The Legend Mirror books three and four.


The Beast of Callaire: An Urban Fantasy Novel (The Legend Mirror, #1) Saruuh Kelsey

Welcome to Callaire, a town of shifters, magic, and secrets. Yasmin is the daughter of a goddess and a mythical creature. As a Legendary, she has telepathic power and the ability to change forms every full moon. In her opinion, that's more curse than gift. When a voice cries out to Yasmin in her head, and she’s drawn into dreams that aren’t her own, she's led to Fray - a girl who once saved Yasmin from hunters. In Fray’s dreams she has power no human should ever have. Legendary power. When Fray’s magic catches the attention of a violent and invincible creature, both Yasmin’s mythical world and Fray’s human one will be changed forever. A Gods' war is brewing, and Yasmin and Fray are at the heart of it.