Tara Mills

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Trick or Treat Tara Mills

In this short story, Talia and Oliver are about to discover their kids won't be the only ones going home with something to smile about at the end of the night.


Falling Tara Mills

Big changes announce themselves in bursts of color and…a leaf blower? Brilliant leaves and crisp, clean air aren’t the only things to blow into Meredith McCoy’s quiet neighborhood. When her peace and tranquility is shattered one autumn morning by the noise and belching exhaust of a small engine, she and her sexy new neighbor clash. It looks like the old adage, ‘fences make better neighbors’ is actually true. Or is it? Perhaps there’s some common leaf-strewn ground to be found for these two after all.


Cold Hands, Warm Smiles Tara Mills

When Felicia Rawlins runs into trouble trying to leave work during a big snowstorm, the Good Samaritan who stops to help gets more than he bargained for.


Back to School Tara Mills

Children can put a romantic crimp into even the happiest marriage. It's difficult to find time alone to rekindle the magic. With the coming of a new school year, this pair has found a creative solution to the dilemma.


A Taste of Romance Tara Mills

A collection of excerpts from the writings of contemporary writer Tara Mills. With relatable characters and authentic themes, there's a little of everything here - seduction and suspense, humor and heartache. Life is difficult. Love makes it bearable.