Faith Parsons

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The Mail-Order Bride and the Deputy's Secret Faith Parsons

Mabel Hawthorne is a firm believer in second chances—that’s why she decided to become a mail-order bride. Marrying Samuel saves her from slaving away in a garment factory back East, now that her own parents are gone. She’s proud to be marrying a man who’s so dedicated to upholding the law and keeping others safe. If there’s anything that sticks in her craw, it’s injustice—and out on the western frontier, the concept of justice is a little more flexible than Mabel’s used to. When Samuel’s troubled past catches up with him, Mabel wants nothing more than to help him put things to rights. But this time, the law’s not on their side. As they fight to save a precocious boy from his abusive uncle, can Mabel keep Samuel on the straight-and-narrow?