Lucy Lennox

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Inn Love Lucy Lennox

Attention Ghost Lovers! Prime opportunity to own this historic bed and breakfast in Pine Hollow, Maine, for a spooky low price. Must be comfortable with the mystical and at home with haunted spirits. (Don’t say we didn’t warn you.) Previous buyers haven’t lasted the night— will you be the one to tame the teeming shadows of this lovely Victorian mansion? Will Ryan and Davis survive the ghosts of the Maberly sisters to win a shot at owning this historic inn? Or do they have a ghost of a chance at finding something else entirely? When things go bump in the night at this inn, it might just be the headboard... LGBT Romance Short Story approx 18k words.


Brad Lucy Lennox

When Brad opens his Vegas hotel room door to find a hot police officer waiting on the other side, he assumes crazy Aunt Tilly has sent him a strip-o-gram. But instead of getting naked, Detective Gorgeous pulls out his cuffs — turns out, the badge and uniform aren’t just props, this cop is the real deal. Brad is a 10k word short story in the Made Marian series by best-selling author Lucy Lennox.


Keller Lucy Lennox

Keller: After telling Tilly to back off her attempt at setting me up, I catch sight of the nude model for her art class. Did I speak too soon? Eli: I dread stripping down for a group of senior citizens, but when I meet the manager of the vineyard? I realize being naked might not be so bad after all. Fair warning: includes age-challenged females obsessed with naughty bits, good old-fashioned man parts touching, and wet... things. That get wet... with hoses.