Katy Haye

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The Replacement Princess Katy Haye

Imagine that Queen Elizabeth I never ruled. England and Scotland never unified. It's 1841 the two countries are once more at war. 16-year-old English Princess Myrtle holds the fate of two nations in her hands. She can bring about a truce by marrying Scottish Prince James. Since he is just a boy of 14, she has two years to unlearn everything she thought she knew about Scotland and fall in love with the country that will be her home, and the boy destined to become her husband. The son of a Scottish Duke, Callum McAllister joins the court to teach Myrtle about Scotland. But when war has been simmering for centuries, two years is a long time. The smallest misstep could bring chaos and return the countries to war. Myrtle must tread carefully to ensure nothing goes wrong.