Megan Cutler

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Crossroads of Frozen Eternity Preview (Mystical Island Book 2) Megan Cutler

With the island at her back, Catilen thought she could avoid any problem larger than Damian's insecurities. But something has torn the veil between worlds, setting the island on a collision course with an alternate version of it itself. Face to face with the man she's spent the last eight years trying to forget, Catilen can no longer dismiss Damian's concerns as paranoia. Worst of all, the island's predicament has infected Catilen's seven-year-old daughter with a mysterious ailment. Catilen must find a way to put her personal strife aside, and stop Damian's from consuming him, before the sickness infects the rest of the island's inhabitants. But old wounds still remain and it seems their struggle against Kenjiro Sentomoru is far from over.


Sea of Twisted Souls Preview (Mystical Island Book 3) Megan Cutler

Morulin's life is falling apart. It's been sixteen years since Damian disappeared, breaking his promise to support her. Now her parents have chosen her twin brothers to rule the island, despite the years she spent preparing. The last thing she needs is the emotional hurricane caused when Damian waltzes back into her life. She isn't interested in making amends. She'd rather spend her time with the enigmatic Pilgrim, a dimensional traveler with information critical to her studies. Until someone attempts to assassinate the island's new heirs and Damian blames the Pilgrim. Is Damian trying to frame a rival? Or has something sinister come to visit their paradise? Morulin's family needs to heal their fractures in time to solve the mystery or they might lose their beloved dimension-hopping home.


Light of Eternity (Eternity's Empire Chapter 2) Megan Cutler

Erica's friends have magical powers. But no ancient goddess chose to work through her. The morning after the attack, no one else recalls the bizarre encounter. Erica wonders if she's gone crazy, but her friends are certain it's real. On top of her precarious position at the dig, Erica worries her next misstep could be a death sentence. Worst of all, she's powerless to help her new friends set things straight. When disaster strikes again, Erica is determined not to play the damsel in distress. But what can she do? Is determination enough to stand against the wicked forces destroying her life? United by these strange circumstances, Erica's friends have pledged to protect her, and the rest of the site, from whatever trouble strikes. But are they strong enough to deal with this new threat?


Island of Lost Forevers Preview (Mystical Island Book 1) Megan Cutler

When a mysterious island appears off the coast of San Francisco, two intrepid academics risk everything to discover its secrets. Catilen has struggled all her life with the ability to sense others' emotions. Only Damian is comfortable with her eccentricities. He studies an ancient art he calls magic. Beyond the military barricade they discover paradise, ruled by the enigmatic Sentomoru, who invites them to share the wonders of his bathhouse. But as the travelers strive to unravel the island's secrets, Catilen senses danger stalking their steps. Neither Catilen nor Damian knows how long the island will remain on Earth. If they can't solve its riddles quickly, they may be trapped when the island vanishes. Is the island the paradise it promises? Or does a nightmare lurk beneath the surface?


Crystal Shrouded Goddess (Eternity's Empire Chapter 1) Megan Cutler

The moment she laid her hands on the crystal, Erica's life fell apart. The Antarctic dig was supposed to be Erica Brown's path to redemption. Perform well and she could escape conduct probation and looming threats of expulsion. But things haven't gone well. A chance to explore the dig's prized temple ends in disaster when Erica damages the site's most valuable artifact. As if humiliation and the ridicule of the entire camp aren't enough, strange things keep happening in the wake of the incident. Erica and her new friends experience visions of impossible places and strangely familiar people. Though each came to the Antarctic for different reasons, they are united by their search for answers to these bizarre events. And they'd better find them soon, because the danger is about to deepen.