Paul C.R. Monk

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Strange Metamorphosis Paul C.R. Monk

When a boy faces a tough decision for his future, a legendary tree sends him on a life-changing expedition. He soon has to vie with the creatures he once collected for sport! And the more he faces up to his fears, the more he acquires powers that help him to strive forward. But how can he reverse his strange metamorphosis? "Powered by an adventurous plot filled with humor." - Kirkus Review “Steeped in adventure and sprinkled with just a touch of romance, this book is perfectly balanced to provide an enticing read that is destined to become a treasured piece of literature.” – Literary Classics Book Reviews Winner of the LITERARY CLASSICS Eloquent Quill Youth Fiction Book Award. N.B. This is now the full version! So if you read the preview, you can download again to get all full story :)