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December Wishes Jessica Ripley

The Christmas Kat by Stacey M. Brooks: A tale reminiscent of classic Christmas miracle stories. The blind protagonist, Rosie, finds herself in a bad situation and is helped by a mysterious woman named Kat. The Mystic One by Jessica Ripley: Visit the North Pole with Iris James, an investigative reporter, to meet the residents (including Santa himself). Christmas Baggage by Shawnett Johnson: Follow Regina Morris after a string of bad luck lands her in a temporary administrative role at a large company. The Bestest Present by Laurie Stewart: Ashtoreth is an ancient Master Vampyre and Lilith is a new Goth vampire. The Package by Bonnie Lynn Carroll: Travel with Andromeda Noir, the best pilot in the Alpha Quadrant.


Steamy Cogs Jessica Ripley

Take off on an adventure with four steampunk romances with mysterious twists! “Jewel Bearing Heart” by Bess Hamilton: Faith Merriweather is talented at her trade and making a life for herself in post-war London. “Contessa” by Laurie Stewart: Lenora McAllister is expecting a cable from the Prime Minister’s secretary as she travels to Ottawa via airship for Canada’s second anniversary of independence. “Clockwork Journey” by Jessica Ripley: An American western steampunk that follows Carleigh Walker after she is thrust into a world of chaos with Thorne Adams when they discover a device meant to take down the mayor. “Sing a Song of Freedom” by Bonnie Lynn Carroll: Zee is rescued from the desert heat by Dylan, and cared for by his sister Alice while she attempts to remember what happened.



Shifting Shards: Tales of Transfiguration and Metamorphosis Jessica Ripley

These aren’t your run-of-the-mill shifter stories. The girls that dominate these tales break the traditional would-be victim stereotypes—and kick butt doing it! Strange Rogue Beasts by Jessica Ripley: Gina is currently institutionalized, but she won’t let that stop her from facing down a mysterious nighttime intruder, or from saving the women around her. True Calling by Bonnie Lynn Carroll: Raven is an intelligent, new college grad who takes a trip to her family’s cabin and finds both a new world and a new family history in the woods. On This Day We Maen Be Seen by Laurie Stewart: Moira takes us on an adventure, crossing between worlds with her