C.F. Villion

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The White Room C.F. Villion

A dream or reality? Can you tell the difference? Five women spread across time and space live nightly terrors that leave them uncertain of the truth. Are they living a nightmare or is something darker and far more ominous happening? X13N2 experience daily terror at the hands of aliens, while Lucy suffers from night terrors. Macey's small studio apartment is under assault by unknown forces, and Lisa meets a man too good to be true. Hattie has lost the battle against darkness but clings to hope. Different lives and times, yet one strand bind them all together. Can they find the truth and will reality be kind? Or will it plunge them into further terror?


Shi: A Dark Adventure into Living Forever C.F. Villion

One terrible mistake propels Eliza into the service of a secret organisation known as The Manufacturers. 80 years later they ask the impossible. Kill the closest thing she has to family or die. Can she save her adopted grandson, steal immortality and fight an alien corporation before her dose wears off? Help comes from an unexpected source, an enigmatic stranger with intimate knowledge of her life. Does she dare trust him; can she resist him?