K.B. Ladnier

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Blood and Ink: Under the Skin Serial Part One K.B. Ladnier

***This is one part to a four part reverse-harem serial. Recommended for 18+ and is 12,000+ words. Note: it does end on a cliffhanger*** My name is Lucy Bryant. I love bright and pretty colors, girly clothes and music from pretty much any era before the 90's. Oh...and I'm a vampire. A vampire who also happens to be the only tattoo artist that can tattoo another vampire and make it stay. I've lived a peaceful life as a blood sucking creature of the night so far, but all of it changes with a single tattoo. I should've just locked myself in my coffin... Order of books: Serial 1: Blood and Ink Serial 2: Blood and Lust Serial 3: Blood and Bondage Serial 4: Blood and Revenge