J.C. Wing

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A Skye Full of Stars - The Gannon Family Series Book Two J.C. Wing

Life is good in the small, coastal town of Kelby, Alabama. The days are busy and satisfying, if not a touch predictable, but change is in the air. Spring is coming, and it’s bringing with it more than tourist season. When Cheney receives word that a package with her name on it has been found by a family friend near Glasgow, she decides to take Meara back to Scotland with her to retrieve it. Together, the sisters discover surprising evidence of an unknown life led by their father long before either one of them was born. Noah’s happy life is shaken when her father falls ill, and the mother who abandoned her ten years before reappears with news that makes Noah question everything she thought she knew. Things are further set off kilter when Noah’s childhood crush, Keene, drives into town wit