J.L. Heritage


.L.Heritage, born in Kent in the 1980's, is a British, female author specialising in Women's Fiction. Having lived in both Canada and Oxfordshire, she now resides on the Kent coast. Her debut novel, Dreaming of Dillon, was released in eBook format in November 2016. Set to be the first of a series of works, and with another stand-alone piece in the latter stages of editing, 2017 should see impressive growth for the author's bibliography.

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Dreaming of Dillon J.L. Heritage

Sophie loves her job as Assistant PA to Marcus Dillon, even though he's been starring in her dreams for the past few months. It's the end of the year...Christmas always fills Sophie with dread. Calamity ensues when she has to run festive errands for her boss, and plan a Christmas party she's forgotten she's in charge of! Marcus is a successful and wealthy entrepreneur. After being viscously betrayed, he's been single for so long that he doubts he'll ever find someone who wants a real relationship, rather than just the accolade of having him on her arm. The more he gets to know Sophie, the more he realises just how real and endearing she is. It's coming up to Christmas, his favourite time of year, and he's planning on making his move.