Pahkee Dhillon

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Jazzed Up A New Orleans Romance Novel Pahkee Dhillon

When life catches Lucy Daniels in a landslide of brokenhearted emotions, she finds herself walking into Lachet's Inn looking for a solid drink to wash down some of the pain. At Lachet's, Lucy meets her friend Charla who insists that she knows the cure to Lucy's heartache. Then and there Lucy decides to follow Charla's advice and take a trip to New Orleans. New Orleans isn't the only cure Charla recommends, and when she hands Lucy a calling card she makes Lucy promise to go and see the woman whose name is printed on it. So much magic, mystery and intrigue, and a song that never ends. "Jazzed Up is wonderfully written. It will have you wishing you could get your hands on one of those special calling cards too." Jamie Tate, GoodReads