Robert F Barker

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LAST GASP Robert F Barker

The last time DCI Jamie Carver involved a would-be victim in his hunt for a serial killer, it ended badly. now they want him to do it again, only this time the 'victim' is a dominatrix! As if he hasn’t enough on his plate... - A brutal killer poised to strike again - Shadows of the past that still haunt his dreams - An investigation under mounting pressure to succeed - A beautiful woman whose bizarre lifestyle may be key to finding a killer. The first in the DCI Jamie Carver Series, and Book 1 of The Worshipper Trilogy, LAST GASP is a novel of murder, deception, sexual intrigue and human weakness. It launches a series of gritty crime thrillers set mainly in and around England’s Northwest, featuring the author’s resourceful, but sometimes conflicted, murder detective, DCI Jamie Carver.