Bozena Zawisz

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A Christian Gift: Uplifting Poetry For All Occasions Bozena Zawisz

"A Christian Gift" contains uplifting poetic reflections suitable for all occasions, accompanied by serene photo illustrations. For more information about the author refer to It is intended as a gift book suitable for any occasion; whether it is a Wedding Celebration, a Christening, a Birthday, or a Christmas gift, and is not limited to any particular Christian denomination. It is written by the author of "Liberating Inner Eve," and includes a selection of her favorite poetry, carefully chosen to inspire and uplift readers. The poetic reflections are accompanied by photos of nature.


Liberating Inner Eve: A Reflective Journey for Women Bozena Zawisz

Transform personal/social/historic restrictions LIBERATING INNER EVE examines a wide variety of subconscious themes/images/expectations that women internalize around what it means to be a woman, in particular, a woman of Christian faith. "Liberating Inner Eve is a sensational book which takes the reader on an emotional, poignant, and uplifting journey which is inspirational and useful...The chapters within Zawisz’s book are useful and informative...Zawisz decided to make her book accessible and easy-to-read. She writes in a personal way so that you feel as if she is speaking with you one on one." RedheadedBooklover Review