Scarlett Sawyer

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Taming the Billionaire Bad Boy Scarlett Sawyer

Nolan: I like thrills, whether it’s in the form of riding fast cars or having sex with women in public places. I don’t mind the media covering my escapades, because my motto in life is only one: live it to the fullest, and damn those who try to stop you. Except the board members in my own company disagree and want to fix my image. To appease them, I do it. I even let them hire me a new PR person—a bossy woman whose big green eyes spark more fire than what’s legal. At first it annoys me. Now it just tempts me. She’s not my type. But the closer we get, the more difficult it is to resist the little spitfire—and I wonder if a few kisses and stolen moments of pleasure are enough to get her out of my system.