Craig Taillefer


Craig A. Taillefer is a two-times Harvey Award Nominated Cartoonist with 25 years of professional experience working in Comic Books and TV animation. He is the writer & artist of Wahoo Morris, has published over 12 comics and books, and was a contributor to the Eisner & Harvey winning anthology Comic Book Tattoo. Craig is passionate about comic books, hammocks, and lives an alternate night life as a gigging professional rockabilly and blues singer and guitar slinger.

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Wahoo Morris #1 Craig Taillefer

Indie rock band Wahoo Morris is ready to hit the road to rock ‘n roll fame and glory. Made up of long time friends Chas on bass, Sebastien on lead guitar, and Arnie on drums, the fledgling group is rounded out by newcomer Alicia on lead vocals. On stage the band gels, but off-stage things aren’t going quite so smoothly. Sebastien has developed an attraction to Alicia that is not in the band’s best interest. And the band’s enigmatic new lead singer’s dabbling in the occult threatens more than their carefully laid plans for success when she wakes a long slumbering evil.....


Sian: Issue 1 Craig Taillefer

After completion of a successful second-story heist, professional thief Sîan is cheated of her payment by an unscrupulous fence. Narrowly avoiding further humiliation at the hands of the fence’s bodyguard, and frustrated and humiliated over her gender once too often, Sîan accepts a wizard’s offer of transformation into a man in return for a risky job. A tale of double crossing low dealing and high adventure in a far away Sword & Sorcery era.


Unknown Vistas: One Shot Craig Taillefer

Two short stories in the EC Weird Science Fantasy tradition of Al Williamson, Wally Wood, Roy Krenkel, and Frank Frazetta. Dinosaurs, Jungle Girls, Weird Monsters, and more! Written and Drawn by Craig A. Taillefer