K.A. (Kate) Krake

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Eyes of the Jaguar K.A. (Kate) Krake

Half-cat, alone in the dark streets of Guessing, Fil fights the good fight against creatures of the night, half belonging to their world and not knowing where the other half fits at all. When Fil’s deepest desires for love and connection are met at the same time as her most deadly enemy surfaces, the very nature of the self she has fought so long to discover is brought to the brink. How do you embrace a side of yourself that you know nothing about? What does it mean to be human when your animal self is so much a part of who you are? Can Fil even count herself among the humans? Should she? These are the questions Fil must ask as she battles the minion werewolves and their dangerous new leader, turning to the magic of her allies and giving into the witchcraft she can never trust.