Brian O'Rourke

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The Bastard's Refuge Brian O'Rourke

Only Galeran can save the children of the Abbey. In the far north, tucked safely away in a sacred abbey, many fatherless children live among the quiet tranquility of the Bronze Rise. In the past, bastards were hunted and killed to maintain certainty in noble succession, but years ago the King and nobility secretly agreed to send these children to the Abbey of Bronze, where they would be educated and not live in fear of assassination. On the eve of his 18th birthday, when Galeran is about to make a life-changing decision, foreign invaders launch a surprise attack on the peaceful Abbey of Bronze. The enemy are intent on wiping out anyone who can lay claim to the throne of Wrodor. Now Galeran finds himself protector of over one hundred children. And he will die to save them.