Ruth Silver

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Aberrant Ruth Silver

My existence is illegal. In a world that is barren And children are conceived through IVF Love is forbidden. Marriage is determined by the government And I discovered on my wedding day That I was conceived naturally. The government wants me dead.


Gem Apocalypse Ruth Silver

At seventeen, Aria Stone has broken the laws of her kingdom by refusing to come to court and offer herself as a courtesan. When guards storm Aria’s house and murder her mother, she is drugged and dragged from her home, taken to the royal palace. Aria must accept her fate: be chosen by a prince of Brayleigh or die. Prince James is third in line for the throne and forced to follow and obey his father’s rule. King Gideon is known for running the country and his household with a strict hand. When the prince discovers the young woman brought in by the royal militia, she piques his interest, and his desire to bring her to his harem. Aria awakens at the palace and is forced to strip down and bare herself to the king and his four sons. Humiliation is just the beginning of her journey to survive.