Rosalyn Kelly

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The Fall of Vaasar Rosalyn Kelly

Everyone loves a festival in Vaasar. The town is peaceful and the townsfolk relish a good show. But shy Tamza is not enjoying herself. Her father, a celebrated bear tamer, is stepping down and the time has come for Tamza to take his place and perform on her own. Tamza is determined to make her father proud. Before she can reach the stage, the crowd’s cheers turn to screams as Vaasar is brutally invaded by a bloodthirsty force hellbent on destroying everyone and everything in its path. Only Tamza has the magic powerful enough to save her people and her beloved bears – but first she must find the courage to use it. Set 2,000 years before the novel Melokai, novella The Fall of Vaasar tells of the event that sparked a bitter, bloody feud between two countries.