Rob Burton

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The Twelfth Rune - Chapter 1 preview Rob Burton

Charlie Simpson is enjoying the quiet life down in deepest Cornwall. He had escaped the clutches of the 12 century spirit Nye who had haunted his iPhone as he had planned the murder of his unfaithful partner and his best friend. But it turned out he was 'The Chosen One' and Nye had an ulterior motive that saw Charlie have to battle with unworldly killer dwarves and come face to face with a serial killer. (Meditations on Murder now available on Amazon) Little does he know it, as he gazes over the blue sea as he ponders his next novel, that dark forces are once again moving in mysterious ways. Finding a twelve sided box in the spoil heap from a tin mine on Bodmin Moor sets in motion a quest that takes Charlie deep in to the mystical and magical myths and stories of old Cornwall.