Xandra Owens


Xandra Owens is a California-based BDSM fiction writer.

Xandra's books always change in terms of scenery, plotline, and characters. But one thing stays the same: a dominant male and submissive female are always at the heart of each story.

HE is almost always a controlling, sadistic, successful, and empathetic dominant male.

SHE is a kind-hearted but rebellious young woman. SHE's proven to be precocious in most areas of life, which is what draws her to successful older men, yet she has rebellious tendencies that prevent her from achieving her full potential.

HE is ready to help.

Books by Xandra Owens are available now on Instafreebie. Download Stories of Punishment for a taste of thirteen short stories revolving around characters like the above: https://www.instafreebie.com/free/VEzH1

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Stories of Punishment: 13 Tales of Dominance and Submission (M/f) Xandra Owens

"I didn't know you were like this," she said. "Oh, darling," he said and laughed. "You knew exactly what I was. You wouldn't be in my car if you didn't. You're an adult. You even have a big girl job now. You could have stopped any of our texts, our talks, and those looks you sent from across the hallway. You've loved me from our first conversation. And you only love men who hurt you." He smiled. "You knew exactly what I was months ago." IN EACH STORY, the characters change, but their spirits do not. SHE is precocious in everything from politics and professionalism to sex and seduction. HE is much too old for her. Yet they meet. "Stories of Punishment" takes you through 13 regular chapters and a 14th BONUS CHAPTER of seductive, submissive, stolen trysts.