Antoine Henderson

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Bishop & Rook Antoine Henderson

We almost died on three different occasions because of a Nintendo Game Boy.” - Rook. At the start of their day, Bishop & Rook are at a diner buying a video game from someone offline. By the end of the night, they are held at gunpoint and forced to do a job for a criminal or risk innocent people dying. Bishop & Rook are on the run, attacked by werewolves and being robbed in a span of twenty-four hours. They must overcome various obstacles and face tough moral decisions along the way. Will they ultimately do the right thing or will they choose the lesser of two evils?


A Royal Game Antoine Henderson

“This is a game—a royal game, and all the players are smart, cunning and rich. There are no games deadlier than that. Politics, money, status, power. We didn’t just poke the beehive… We threw a brick at it, and now the bees are pissed.” Andrades Archibald IV detests his life among the royal magical families. Expensive cars, lavish estates, fancy parties— being born into wealth had its advantages, but to him, it was a mundane existence and he wanted more, he wanted to be in Mage Society. But he needs a key. Andrades has scoured North America to find the key and is weeks away from attaining it when he learns of members of other royal magical families are planning a coup against him. With the key almost in his grasp, Andrades has no choice but to act. It’s either kill or be killed.