Michael W. Huard


Michael W Huard is a lover of words, a dreamer, a d&d fanatic, and a long time martial artist! His new book series "The Mystical Slayers" is of the sci-fi and fantasy genre set in the far future; that which is filled with d&d, robots, martial arts, and a whole lot more. His debut novel LAND OF THE FREE is set to come out very soon.


Richard Gradner
Looks like a very exciting story!

Melinda Kucsera
I really love that cover. I wish it was an audio book!

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HELLCAT Michael W. Huard

On the road to FREEDOM, a beautiful, young martial arts expert; she whose broad stripes and bright stars dazzle in the arena; begins a perilous fight seeking liberty and justice for all. In the year 3015 the nation is broken, the powerful Y-Wood Corporation, a boy's club for wealthy men govern the country with advanced technology, and elite robotics. NO ONE CAN STOP THEM! However one enhanced, patriotic sisterhood, The Mystical Slayers are about to kick some butt and change the world. This is one of three novella's is the heritage series. These stories are before the LAND of the FREE novel. The Mystical Slayers Heritage Series: 1. Rising 2. Sister's of the Dawns Early Light 3. HELLCAT The Mystical Slayers Trilogy 1. LAND of the FREE (Novel #1)



Land of the Free (Sneak Preview) Michael W. Huard

In the year 3016 the United States of America has fallen into great despair. The advent of advanced technology, and robotics after the many changing wars has left one power-hungry corporation ruling the nation.However, there is hope! A sisterhood of beautiful, enhanced, highly intelligent, patriotic, martial arts experts are out to make the land free once again. This is just a quick preview. The novel is coming out soon!