Katie Lewington

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Popcorn Katie Lewington

The purpose of a chapbook is to focus on one theme. Popcorn by Katie Lewington does just that. Food is the theme and poetry the form of writing. In the poems in this chapbook are the ironies of buying diet Cola with fried chicken, wit, humour, and the cunning needed when living among people who will, when your back is turned, swipe your blackcurrent squash.


La La Love Katie Lewington

Curl up with La La Love and receive all the fuzzy feels of love, and the danger of its pitfalls. The widely published poetry in this volume cover an array of subjects and situations, and both romantic love and self-love. La La Love takes you from meeting the wrong one to learning to trust the right one, as well as all of the intimate and tender moments of a partnership. Don't fear that these poems might be cliched, Katie Lewington's poetry has been described by poet Dean Rhetoric as "Brutally honest, favouring relatable interactions of the everyday over the stuffy and twee"