Lilah Grey

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Behind These Scars Lilah Grey

This town is poison. It seeps into your marrow, corrupting you from the inside out. For most people, there’s no escape. But I’m not like most people. I left Milton, Texas years ago, but now I’m back. With my stepsister in trouble, I had no choice. When I find her in Buck Wild, serving beers in a skimpy cowgirl outfit, I realize she’s not the only one in trouble. I can’t take my eyes off her. I can’t stop undressing her in my head. I can’t stop imagining those legs wrapped around my waist … This wasn’t part of the plan. I can’t do this… I shouldn’t do this… But the longer we’re together, the more I’m thinking: F*ck the plan Until my mother dies under suspicious circumstances, and the cops suspect me. Maybe there's no escaping this town after all...