Fallacious Rose

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Oh and That's Another Thing - What Buddha Forgot to Say Fallacious Rose

Ever browsed the self-help shelf and thumbed through One Hundred Ways to Make People Like You Without Looking Like a Try-Hard , The Nine Niggles of People Who Want to Get Up Off the Couch and Do Something but Can’t Be Bothered, Mindfulness in Minutes? This is not that kind of book. Rose wants to be a better person – but she’s a long way from Nirvana. She’s vain, lazy, mendacious, and not very politically correct. But with the help of her friend, Captain Savage, and a set of fictitious spiritual advisers, Rose embarks on a quest to become, if not good, slightly better – by collecting enough karmic ‘points’ to be reincarnated as a cat. Why a cat? Because, obviously, nothing on this planet has such a luxurious existence as the common, well fed House Feline.


Diablo Fallacious Rose

Kim just wants her own pony. Little does she know, when her mum hands over the cash for Diablo, that she's getting an Evil Genius. Diablo wants only two things - hay, and World Domination - and he despises trail rides! Maybe it's lucky Kim speaks horse..


The Wyndham Werewolf Fallacious Rose

Poignant, tongue-in-cheek and a little bit creepy - these stories set in the quirky world of rural Australia will chill, amuse and mystify you. Read about the wombat skinwalker terrorising an internet-obsessed teen, the environmentalist werewolf preying on undesirables in a small country town, and the farmer who finds out his new neighbour is a witch.