Louise James

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The Watcher (The Ent Chronicles-Book 1) Louise James

"Wizards and witches, Fairies and Nymphs, Hunters and Hogboons; TreeHoppers, RealmWalkers and WingedFlyers, Oh MY! The Watcher is packed full of imaginary characters you feel are alive in the pages of this tale! I hear there are more books to come and I want to read them all!" The Watcher is a classic struggle between good vs. evil. Curses have good and evil connotations and Evil darkness is overcome by the light of goodness in this fantasy tale, the caliber of world-building writings we have all come to love over the last century. The Watcher is full of delightful characters, touching moments between characters and tantalizing action. Get your copy today because you don't want to miss a great read--Goodread--from new author, Louise James!