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Breaking My Chains CHLOE FISCHER

She wanted to lose her virginity – but not to just anyone. She wanted her bodyguard. He was 210 lbs of tall, dark, and oh so dominant. Sarah was pretty sure she was a submissive, but when Lance refused to show her his world, she decided to take things into her own hands. She found his club – his BDSM club. But just when she finally got up the nerve to sneak away and see what it was all about, Lance walked into the club. Damn! Busted - and dragged home in shame. So I gave him an ultimatum. Either he showed me the “ropes”, or I would find a way to find out for myself. He couldn’t be with me 24/7, afterall. I knew it would work. Lance is way too controlling, too dominant to let someone else take something that he wants. And I know he wants me – he just doesn’t want to cross that line.....